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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 11, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it is thursday, august 11th, 2011. we are taking a live look at the washington monday machine this morning. when you step outside, it won't feel too bad out there. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes for a check on your weather today. >> it does feel great outside. temperatures in the 70s at the moment but with less humidity.
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we'll be in for a fantastic day today. 74 in washington. that number fell two degrees in the past hour. 68 at dulles. 66 in winchester. 72 in fredericksburg. and patuxent naval air station at 77. with lower dew point temperatures and less humidity, it feels pretty good. there are a few clouds passing through south and east of the city but we should be in for bright sunshine today. just a few of the fair weather cumulus clouds developing during the course of the afternoon. sunshine, temperature, 86. your wind out of the north at five to 10. back to you. >> thank you. the search has been called off for a maryland woman who disappeared in aruba. 35-year-old robyn gardner lived in bethesda. she was in aruba with a
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gaithersburg man, gary gary giordano, who is new a suspect. a crash haled in the 7 # hundred block of -- happened in the 7800 block of black lick road yesterday. the driver and passenger in the truck died. the troubles in the market. another selloff on wall street yesterday. the dow plummeted 520 points and it was a real roller coaster ride triggered by a sell off? europe yesterday after concerns that france has debt problems. the selloff continuing in japan overnight. the nikkei opened down 2% but has recouped some of the losses later in the session. and while the happening seng market is down, the south korean market is up this
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morning. >> reporter: it seems every day brings more bad economic news so watching the number on the big board lately is enough to make your stomach turn and it is not just the stock market. >> i think we are in hard time. i think our economy is going to esolve where only the strong survive. >> the housing market is in a slump. banks are hearing from concerned customers. >> there is plenty of uncertainty in the marketplace right now and consumers are concerned of what is going to happen with their finances. >> reporter: the chief economist with the independent community bankers of america says even when the market falls, customers shouldn't fear heaving their money in the batch because it is p insured. >> the one thing that consumers can be confident in is the money in the local community bank is safe and sound. >> reporter: what is dragging down the markets? among other things, conned high
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unemployment and the fear of a global economic showdown but there is a bright spot in all this for consumers. >> while there is a lot of volatility, on the positive side, interest rates are going to remain low for quite some time and it does afford consumers some savings when they're borrowing and using credit. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. the dow has now lost more than 2,000 points in less than three weeks. a prim county nightclub has been shut down and the open are and three employees who ran msg are facing criminal charges. police say they operated the dance hall without a license. this comes after an innocent woman was killed outside the club early monday. jasmine banks had just walked out the front door when police say a gunman opened fire from a car on central avenue. the unveiling of the dr. martin luther king, jr. memorial is set now for august 28th. 250,000 visitors are expected but the memorial will open on
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the 22nd to the public. we want to know how dr. king affected your life. share your pictures or tell us your story through video. can you do it by sending it to the info is on the home passenger. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday, one day to go until friday. let's take a hiv hook right now. we are looking at the u.s. capitol dome on what is going to be a picture perfect morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of weather. tucker barnes is in right now and you have good news today. this is perfect. this is what we've been waiting for all week. >> yes, sarah. you're absolutely right. later today should be a perfect
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day with temperatures in the 80s and sunshine. >> it is just like you've been saying. this is what i've been working for. >> i just don't know what else to say. it is 4:30 in the morning and don't usually have much to say. >> that is unusual. >> i'm going to crank it up. a few clouds moving through. a beautiful moon setting. did you see that? >> i did. >> i think it will be full in about two days. quiet conditions here. should be a dry day today. bright sunshine expected throughout the day. just a few fair weather clouds moving through during the course of the afternoon and temperature in the mid-80s. the best part, low humidity. any time you are talking low humidity in washington in august, it feels pretty good. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures this afternoon, no doubt about it. we're not going to be touching the 90-degree mark for the first time in about a week. >> it will last a little while.
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>> yeah, today, tomorrow and right through the start of the weekend. >> let's check in with julie wright to see how things are going on on the roadways. >> i'm surprised you're not jumping up and down. >> i am inside. i will be after i've had more coffee. >> i dope even drink coffee. >> you don't need it, julie. >> you have the natural energy on your own. >> i think that is a compliment. 395 across the 14th street bridge, easy ride. no incidents to report right now if you are traveling in on 66. easy drive coming in out of centerville headed eastbound towards fair oaks. lanes are open on the beltway traveling between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police want to know if
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speed or alcohol played a role in a crash that killed three people. this happened in the 7800 block of backlick road in springfield yesterday evening. police say the driver crossed into oncoming traffic hitting a jeep or a car. turning to the economy and the wild ride on wall street. dow jones industrial average took another drive yesterday plunging more than 500 points. the selloff started in europe after rumors that the s&p might downgrade france's credit rating. while some asian markets are following the downward trend, they are actually mixed this morning. the shank eye and south korean markets are moving up -- the shanghai and south korean markets are moving up now. investors fear italy and spain could be the next countries unable to pay their debts.
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there are concerns that france could lose its aaa credit rating. >> they continue to get hit with bad news out of europe. the latest concerns are about france and the stakes are going up there. >> financial stock led the drop. bank of america and citigroup each lost more than 10%. investors worry that american banks could be hurt by europe's debt problems. the so-called debt supercommittee is now taking shape. nine of its 12 members now in place. committee was borne out of last week's debt ceiling deal. panel's jobs to create a bipartisan plan to cut the federal deficit by about $1.5 trillion. house democratic leader nancy pelosi has yet to announce her thee to round out the panel. now to the mystery of a local woman missing in aruba. police there have called off the search for robyn gardner of bethesda. stacy cohan is following the
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latest developments in the newsroom for us. >> reporter: good morning. robyn gardner had arrived in aruba on july 31st. her friends say it was a chance to recharge after a job loss. she traveled with 50-year-old gary giordano all way to aruba. we do have footage as giordano walked along the beach with authorities. he says he went snorkeling with gardner august 2nd and she never surfaced. officials now call him a suspect. he could be held at a minimum for 10 days and it is possible that prior maryland domestic cases in which women allege he was abusive could be used against him. >> if there was a pattern in practice of this conduct and his state of mind was one in
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which he engaged women in some violent way on an ongoing basis, then some judges would allow it in to show a state of mind. >> reporter: there is another big mystery. the relationship between gardner and giordano who met on about a year ago. meanwhile, giordano's lawyer in aruba maintains his client had nothing at all to do with the disappearance. police confirm there are more victim of a man who has been slashing women's back sides bringing the total to nine. police say many victims don't realize they've been cut until they get home. police released surveillance images from the t. j. ma example -- maxx. of the man they believe is the suspect. a prim county nightclub has been shut down days after a
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shooting outside the club -- a prince george's county nightclub has been shut down days after a shootingout side the club. early monday, 20-year-old jasmine banks was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting when she left the club. a court affidavit reveals alcohol was also being served to minors there. in recent months, police say they are having several reports of violence. a medical breakthrough in the fight against cancer. coming up next, details of what researchers say is showing great results in wiping out a certain type of cancer cell. and thee fugitive siblings on the run finally captured but not without gunfire. we're checking more head -- more headlines when we come back.
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we are just getting word of a navy yet missing off the coast of california. the navy lost contact with an f-
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18 a few hours ago. the coast father's day is searching for that jet about 50 miles off san diego's coast. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. now to a high-speed chase in colorado. it ended in a crash and three fugitive siblings under arrest. line and lee daugherty and their brother dylan were spotted twice before crawfl troopers were able to tail them. the chase went on for 20 miles sometimes topping 100 miles per hour. after the crash, investigators say lee dougherty pointed a gun at an officer. she was shot in the leg and right now all three exhibitlings are in the hospital under close watch. they are accused of shooting at police in noard and robbing a jim moran bank -- in florida and robbing a georgia bank. thousands of extra police patrolled streets if london last night. prime minister david cameron has warned that order will be restored by whatever means necessary. he has recalled parliament today for an emergency session
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on the riots. the unrest started in london sunday protesting a deadly police shooting. the pentagon says warplanes killed the taliban fighters who shot down the nato helicopter last weekend. special operations forces tracked the taliban commander and a fighter who is said to have shot down the helicopter. the top commander in afghanistan says they were followed by the special ops troops. >> there were elements that were escaping and in the course of their attempt to depart the objective, we commited a force to contain that element from getting out. >> the pentagon now says there were only 17 navy seals on the chopper, no the 22 as first reported. the virginia governor is designating tomorrow as a day of mourning with flags at half- staff. many of the seal team were based in virginia beach. new hope for leukemia patients this morning. scientists say they have found
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an amazing new therapy that wipes out the type of blood cancer. they are reporting the first clear success with a new approach for treating leukemia. it turns patients' own blood cells into aassassins that hunt and destroy cancer cells. researchers only did it to thee patients but two appear cancer free one year after treatment. researchers are looking to dolphins now to help heal humans. how one researcher says dolphins could revolutionize the way we treat human injuries. we'll get a check of the weather with tucker barnes coming up and julie has your traffic. stay with us. q spots again. detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed!
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welcome back. take a live look at the washington monument. it will be a gorgeous day. we'll check in with tucker here any few seconds. not too far from now will be the official dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. the memorial will actually open to the public days earlier on august 22nd. a special day for tease residents only is august 23rd. so we want to know how dr. king affected your life. so accepted us your pictures or tell us your story by video at the info of how to do that is
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right there on the home page. hopefully, by august 28th, it will still feel hike this. >> we can only hope so. if we roll out the rest of summer like this, it will be good. it will still be summery. but would you the humidity in the forecast, it will feel more comfortable. everybody has more energy and is in a better mood. i want to kick it off with a head hype. ♪ wake me up! >> return to the 80s. we'll be celebrating all morning long. our special dj tony perkins will be coming in. temperatures in the 80s. back in the 80s. high temperatures expected to be only 86, 88 degrees out there this afternoon. we'll get more comfortable and as mentioned -- that was george
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michael by the way. all right. let's move the maps. temperature right now at reagan national, 74 degrees. 74 in the city. 63 in gaithersburg. 70 in quantico. 68 in leonardtown. just a great start. our dew point temperature have fallen back into the 50s in some spots and that that -- that tells me there is not a lot of water in the atmosphere which is great news if you want a comfortable day. nice moon setting there in the western sky. ohio, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, detroit, we have very quiet conditions. high pressure is building in from the north and west. it will be very quiet out there. clear skies, just a few clouds this afternoon. a great-looking forecast today and ton and tomorrow and really for the start of the weekend too. sunshine, comfortable, 86 your daytime high. wind out of the north. cheer tonight, cool tonight.
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cooler, 66, your overnight low. inwe'll get up with some 50s tomorrow off to the north and west. it will be a great start to our day tomorrow. 87 tomorrow. 87 on saturday. could be a late storm on saturday. most of saturday is dry. i think saturday will generally be a nice one. sunday, not as nice. good chance for showers and thunderstorms by sunday afternoon. check it out. only 82 on sunday with some sunshine by mop afternoon. let's do some some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> seriously, george michael. >> we're getting back into the 80s. >> what, next you're wearing a shirt with relax on it. >> i have that one too. >> lanes are open as you travel from 109 headed out to hyattstown continuing down. picking up the last-minute construction off the beltway between tyson's and the exit there at 66.
4:49 am
westbound along glebe road, that is where we had the construction. no incidents to report headed for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. soy the bay bridge is getting a makeover. the westbound span of the bay bridge is being repainted. most of the work will be done from the water to minimize the effect on traffic but do expect some lane closures. the project should be finished by sometime next fall. for the first time in six year, there is officially the new most valuable u.s. company. apple is now considered the most valuable company in the u.s. the shift from exop to apple is most hi symbolic but it's big milestone for apple since struggling to stay afloat in the 1990s before steve jobs returned to take the helm. apple saw nearly $30 billion in revenue in the last quarter. soon, you will be able to rent movies for your ipad from wal-mart. the retail joint is launching a
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service allowing people to buy or rent 20,000 movies or tv shows. another good deal on it is actually my fox half off. more than half off a chimney inspection. there is an inspection worth $105 for just $50. to take advantage of this great offer, head to and look for the my fox half off deal in the upper right of home page. you must buy the deal by tomorrow night but you can go the inspection done any time in the next year. you think of dolphins, flipper probably comes to mind. he is the friend friendly creature who often saved his human friends on the tv show. but researchers say they could save us by left revolutionizing the way we treat injuries.
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>> reporter: there just seem to be a special connection. >> i think is interesting how smart they are. >> between human and dolphins. >> they are really playful and they've been known to help sailors. >> reporter: even midweek at the national aquarium, the rehearsal for the new dolphin show is packed. >> something mystical about them. >> reporter: as visitors watch to see them leap, spin, and even tease of the crowd. dr.brent whitaker is the head of biological programs at the national aquarium. he says most people don't know dolphins possess the amazing ability to heal incredibly fast, even from wounds like shark bites. >> it hook horrible the next day. the next day they look as though they are sealed up and starting to heal well. >> reporter: researcher are trying to figure out how they do it and what it could mean
4:52 am
for us. >> this waysee whiz, wait a second, this can't be. >> reporter: the journey began about 10 years ago. >> what is she saying? saying something to us. >> reporter: he started documenting dolphin healing including a dolphin attacked by a shark off the coast of cleave hand in 2009 who became a facebook sensation. >> this is a creature, after a chunk of tissue the size of a football has been taken off their back will restore their body form, their normal contours within about a month. >> reporter: complete regeneration of soft tissue in just a few weeks with few complications. >> they don't hemorrhage. this is no infection. they don't have to be given antibiotics. and she show no evidence of pain. >> reporter: the doctor says the secret might be in the dolphin's thick blubber possibly storing natural antibiotics drawn from the food they eat such as algae. >> we could easily uncover,
4:53 am
should they exist, a whole new class of antibiotics that we've never seen before. >> reporter: he thinks dolphins also release some type of natural morphine, a discovery that could be used to create future pain medications. >> all of these animals have specialized mechanisms to adapt and survive in the wild. another rope to look at these animals with wonderment. >> -- another rope to look at these animals with wonderment. rex grossman is backing down from his bold position. why you might want to save up for playoff tickets. the area's newest megamillions winner. we'll meet him coming up next. details of a big winner in last night's $220 million powerball drawing as well. they rated resolve laundry number one. beating shout. try resolve laundry for amazing stain removal. satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
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quarterback rex grossman is sticking by his prediction that the redskins will win the nfc east division. an espn poll showed 50% of the posterior tayse. believe the redskins will finish with the worst record in football. grossman says would cares? >> it is strange that people think that is shocking to me. we have got a bun of of great football player on this team. we can play the underdog role but i feel like we have a legitimate chance to win the nfc east and i'm really excited about this team. that is how i feel. people can react however they want to. to baseball now, the nats wrap up their three-game series against the cubs in chicago this afternoon.
4:57 am
they fell to the cubs yesterday 4-2. up in baltimore, the orioles with a dramatic win in extra innings. a walkoff homer in the bottom of the 10th gave the os a win. facebook keeps many of you up to date throughout your day. it is often the first thing that folks read. imagine waking up one morning, grabbing your smart phone and checking facebook only to learn you have become a multimillionaire. it happened to one local man, just 25 years old who recently won the megamillions jackpot. roz plater has the story. >> reporter: after learning he was set for life, ryan mccarthy wanted to share his good news with the only person in his family who was home, his grandma. >> i went downstairs and i said hey, guess, what i won the lottery.. she said good for you, honey you deserve it. she said i'm making a grilled cheese. do you want one? >> i couldn't seem to come
4:58 am
helped it. it was such a big amount. it didn't really sink in for a little bit. >> reporter: $107 million. even with the cash payout, it is enough that the 25-year-old quit his job as an account manager and has just started exploring what that kind of money can do. >> i bought a car for myself. my sister and i are going to alaska next week on a cruise and then that is the only plans we have so far. i i don't have any long-term plans. eventually, we'll do the charity stuff. >> that thousand to the fish charity which helps family in crisis and $25,000 to the american don optimists club which focuses on kids. >> this goes to supporting our
4:59 am
programs with the kids. it helps pay for scholarships for the kids. >> for now, he says he will still live at home in mcclean lean and keep his same friend he had in high school and college but he expects his social life may improve. >> i'm currently single. i think my prospects may have improved a bit. but currently single and looking. >> he says he played the lottery regularly and it certainly paid off. he chose the lump sum cash out option, $6 # million before attacks, around $40 millionafter wards. powerball was up t o $220


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